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Different Kinds of Vehicle Remapping for your Car

The technicalities of cars include much more than just the engines. The ECU (electronic control unit) is often considered the heart of a car. The ECU controls almost everything that runs under the hood of the car, including the feedback from the engine. Tuning of these units is called vehicle remapping.

Some people opt for vehicle remapping to tune their cars to behave according to their requirement. However, remapping is something that involves a lot of technical knowledge and is best handled by trained professionals.

If vehicle remapping sounds intriguing to you, you can try it to tune your car the way you want it to behave. Here are the most popular types of vehicle remapping that people get for their cars.

Fleet remapping

Fleet remapping is quite popular. It has been adopted in several countries and is slowly becoming common in the United Kingdom too. What happens is a commercial fleet owner wants the cars to be economical and also have certain speed limit to ensure the safety of the occupants.

Economy remapping

Economy remapping means tuning the car in a way so that it consumes less fuel while covering longer distances. This trend is growing by the day since the price of fuel is rising at a fast rate.

Performance remapping

Performance remapping is the most common type of ECU tuning that people consider doing. Remapping the ECU this way means removing the default software setup and replace it with new performance-oriented data. The new software results in better feedback from the accelerator pedal and higher RPM on the tachometer.


It is to be seen that not every mechanic or brakes specialist can work on vehicle remapping as it requires knowledge and experience. Hence, if at all you are considering vehicle remapping (which you should), get in touch with Wardie Motors in Poole. It can provide expert service for whatever problems you face with your car, including vehicle remapping.