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What is MOT servicing?

MOT servicing is a test performed on vehicles to ensure smooth functioning of every part and safe driving on the road. This test ensures that your vehicle is in a sound condition to hit the road. The test is supervised by local councils and the government itself. You cannot drive a vehicle without an up to date MOT record. It is not permissible by the law. This will make the car insurance invalid and you will not be able to renew it as well.

What does the MOT test include?

The MOT Servicing ensures that all the parts of your vehicle are in proper working condition. The body of your car, engine, exhaust system and fuel system and other small parts are considered while checking the MOT servicing. Even the windscreen, lights, seat belts, brakes, doors, tyres, wheels, washer, bonnet, seats, mirrors, battery, horn all need to be tested to ensure their roadworthiness.

The time scheduled for MOT

The first MOT test is conducted after the third year of registration since when it’s new. Then it is conducted every year. You can consider this as your vehicle’s anniversary and do not forget the date. Experienced MOT servicing centers will send reminders to you before your MOT test.

MOT is not the same as car servicing

During a car service, every part is thoroughly checked and if required the parts are replaced. But during a MOT test, no part is replaced instead the test is deemed as failed.

What to do if your vehicle fails the MOT servicing test?

You can surely avoid MOT failure if you service your vehicle regularly. However, if your car fails the MOT test, do not panic. Check for options how it can be fixed. Also, check with your MOT station whether they have a free retest.  Experts always advise that you go for servicing before going for MOT servicing to avoid any failures.

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